I’m not really into superhero movies, although that’s just a personal preference. However, there was so much buzz around this one that I decided to watch it anyway. I came in with low expectations and came out with shock and awe.

Maybe it’s just me and my complete lack of knowledge in action movies, but Wonder Woman made me think and, even better, made me rethink stances I thought I was definite of.

Perhaps the most significant instance of this was my thoughts on war and humanity. As I personally have not gone through any wars or even any violent event, I never really tried to think about it. I thought of war as something distant and non-threatening. However, that’s not the case. It can take over people of large amounts in a short span of time and make them do things they never would have thought of doing. Wonder Woman questioned if the individuals fighting in the war ever thought about all the innocent people affected by their actions. It made me wonder as well, albeit in a less massive scale. How can they stomach that thought?

Although I found the “plot twist” in the end not much of a twist and quite unecessary, the terrible realization Diana had to face as she was confronted with the fact that killing one person wouldn’t stop the war made me feel things. It was a revelation that I knew would come but her obvious confusion as she realized that she had to rethink a large portion of her life’s work allowed me to emphathize with her. She didn’t know what to do and I understood why she couldn’t react as Steve tried to get her to keep going. It’s terrifying to have to question something you so steadfastedly believe in.

That’s my biggest takeaway from the movie. As a female-directed action film starring a female superhero, WW requires society to reevaluate what we deem as “feminine” and “masculine.” Perhaps get rid of the binary altogether. It’s something lifechanging to see a movie challenge the very notion of these constructs our society has been built on and it’s quite amazing. Hopefully, this is the start of many other films like this, that help us progress.


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