My part of the country is not as kind to people who aren’t straight as others. However, there is still Pride every year and this was my first year going.

I had to travel a long time to get there, but I spent the day with two of my close friends and it was an experience like no other. I wasn’t really immersed in popular lgbtq+ artists and singers so I was a little clueless on the references the speakers were making. However, everytime I looked around, people of different kinds were there, making it the most diverse community I have ever been to in person.

There were people with intense makeup and I wondered how hot they were feeling in the already sizzling weather. There were people with sexuality or gender flags with them, taking photos with the biggest smiles on their faces. There were kids being shown around by their parents and dogs with cute pride-themed outfits.

I remember going home and saying to my friend, “It was the most I’ve felt comfortable in such a strange group of strangers in a long time.”


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