Okay, I have five dogs, but I never take them all out at once without some help because I know that I can’t watch over all of them at the same time. This is because I know that animals can be a handful and need to have us humans check on them all the time.

There are already limited spaces where animals are allowed and I just want to remind owners that it’s our job to make sure our pets are fit to be in public and that we will clean up after them. If we bring our pets somewhere, we need to have a plastic bag or paper bag or any container so that we can pick up our pet’s stool and a cloth or some newspaper for their pee. This is not the management’s job. This is our responsibility. However behaved you think your dog is, this is your responsibility.

Make sure they will not harm people and that they’re okay being in public. You can refuse people if they ask to pet your pet, but it’s in your pet’s best interest that they feel good in that space and not terrified.

Being responsible is important for everyone’s benefit, especially our pets. Hopefully, owners will look after their four-legged kids.

Here are some resources for more information:




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