It’s my first day as a woman, already it’s that time of the month. (Hedwig)


Few things reach into my core like the story of Hedwig. Although I’m cis, I was fascinated by its display of gender complexity and gender expression.

I couldn’t help but question if Hedwig was truly a man or a woman, since Hedwig did not explicitly say it, but then I realized that it doesn’t matter. Hedwig is Hedwig and they are more than their gender. They are a rockstar, a passionate person, and a lover.

So many things are discussed in this musical and it’s such a breath of fresh air that someone who isn’t so determined to show their macho heterosexuality is the protagonist. Hedwig is someone left behind, someone we have all been at one point, and they are not afraid to express their feelings.

I guess I relate to them a lot and I really enjoy their stark contrast to many mainstream movies.


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