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Last week, our class was discussing bullying. Several classmates shared their opinion and one of them mentioned mental illnesses especially depression. I started getting nervous.

I already didn’t know much about my classmates in that class, so it was hard for me to not be nervous. However, I wanted to talk about my experience and offer some help in case someone in the class was going through similar things or if someone had a friend that they wanted to help but didn’t know how. Maybe I could help someone.

I raised my hand and the professor called me. I started talking.

“Hi. Uhm, I have been diagnozed with depression and anxiety, and I always tell people to seek professional help. Often, when we have a loved one going through something, we try to console them, but we don’t really know how to make them feel better because we aren’t equipped with the knowledge to do so, especially if they are suffering from a mental illness.

This is why I advocate people seeking help–professional help–when they believe they have a mental illness. These people are professionals and are trained to help us get through thees things. Even if you don’t think you have a mental illness, therapy can still help you get through a tough time.

So yeah, that’s my suggestion if you think you have or if you think a loved one has a mental illness. Seek professional help.”

Although I wasn’t able to explain it properly, this suggestion of seeking help stems from a viewpoint which tells mentally ill people that seeking help is “cowardly” or “giving up.” It is actually far from the truth. Seeking help is a step in the direction of recovery, of bravery.

I hope I was able to help someone in that class and I hope I am able to help people by putting this post out there.

Seeking help is brave.


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