(Spoilers for Crazy Ex Girlfriend)


I’m not sure if I have mentioned it here before, but I am seriously in love with the CW’s Crazy Ex Girlfriend. It features a strong female lead with an underrepresented mental illness as well as a diverse cast of different cultures, sexualities, and life experiences.

However, today I am narrowing my post on a particular song that struck me from this show. That is “Nothing is Every Anyone’s Fault” which Rebecca sings with Nathaniel.



Rebecca is going on trial and Nathaniel attempts to convince her to plead insanity.  He explains that nothing was her fault, because she went through childhood trauma. He says that she taught him that it wasn’t his fault that he was a jerk, but his father’s, but then it’s not his father’s fault either because of his parents.

Before I knew you, I did bad things and didn’t know why

But now I know you and I’ve learned to look inside

I understand what makes me frightened and sad

So yes I still do bad things but are they actually bad?



This is a very interesting topic to sing about. As someone with mental illness, I struggle with accountability as well. My childhood involved corporal punishment, shame for any grades that weren’t perfect, and an addiction to validation from authority figures. I could easily make the case that all my mistakes can be traced to these problems, that yes I did them, but it’s not technically my fault, nor is it anyone’s.

However, as the episode ends, Rebecca takes accountability for her actions and did not blame what she did on her past. This is a tough pill to swallow, especially when it’s so easy to justify one’s actions.

Rebecca shows us that despite what happened in our past, we are in control of our present. We get to choose what we do, what we choose, why we do things. Rebecca certainly had control over her life, and she acknowledges that by taking accountability.

Not to be didactic, but I learned from her this episode and I encourage to learn from her as well. We can learn to be more accountable for our actions, whether good or not. We have to acknowledge that we hold the power over our actions, just as Rebecca did.

P.S. Nathaniel seriously needs to work on that worldview. Geez.


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