Hey there!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted here, and there’s really no reason for me to continue to do so since this blog is kind of just a place for me to let my feelings out there. Like, I don’t intend to be this amazing journalist or storyteller on the internet. This is just my dumb thoughts that I don’t want to exist only in my mind. So, there’s that.

I do want to talk about some things that I am currently enjoying or working on.

Recently, I’ve been getting into listening to podcasts. I have found two so far, Let’s Talk About Myths Baby and Welcome to Nightvale. I already started Nighvale years ago, but I fell out of the habit of listening, so finding it again feels like a familiar hug. The Myths Podcast in the meanwhile is something I’ve never heard of, but I’ve been looking for something new to learn about, so it came at a great time.

Both are available on Spotify, by the way!

Another thing I’ve recently started to do is list down my feelings which is a lot harder than it sounds. My therapist gave me a list of feelings and had me write short descriptions on them so that I could consult the list everyday and identify my feelings and sort out which is which and all that stuff.

I have to be honest, I have not done this every single day because I forget or I’m too tired or I’m just lazy, but I hope that by writing this post, I will be more compelled to continue that habit.

I have a few more days until school starts again and I’ve been trying to be more productive, since I have been sleeping for such long periods and that would not be good for class. That’s kind of it right now.

Thanks for reading this, whoever you are, and I hope you have a good day!


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